Antarctica Expedition for Charity

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Sooo… I’m not much of a walker or a hiker – I’m a sprinter! I not an endurance athlete at all, actually – I’m a fast-twitch speed/power/explosive athlete! And…. although I have competed in the Winter Olympics three times (in very thin spandex), I do not, in fact, handle the cold very well! However, I have recently agreed to climb the highest mountain in ANTARCTICA!!! Why? To raise money for an extremely good cause – to help reintegrate our war veterans (to whom we owe our freedom) back into society. I have been blessed with the ability to represent my country, but it is our Canadian Military to whom I owe thanks for that opportunity. Why else?! Because we can never truly discover what we are capable of unless we choose to step outside of our comfort zone. And trust me when I say that -40 degrees is definitely outside of my comfort zone! 😉

The lives we live, the jobs we do, the hobbies we enjoy…. are all thanks to our Canadian Military. So please take a moment to count your blessings, and support me in this endeavor by following my journey and donating to this cause – the True Patriot Love Expedition. Together, let’s show our gratitude for the life we have been afforded!

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