Vinson High Camp


The entire TPL expedition team has reached high camp! We had quite a long day but it was very good to move up and get in position for a chance at the summit!

On the 15th, the weather still looked crazy with low cloudy conditions but we made the determination after breakfast that instead of doing a carry to high camp and returning, we would just do it in a single move with all the things needed for a stay up high.

We left camp at staggered times for fixed lines and the weather soon turned into crystal clear blue skies with little wind. We enjoyed spectacular views of the Antarctica plateau and the surrounding mountains. The climb actually went fairly smoothly as far as time goes, but we had the last rope team roll in sometime close to 11:00 pm, so we had to get everyone situated in camp with our tents and feed everyone before crashing. It was a late night, but beautiful and sunny out.

Our plan is to rest here today and then make a go for the summit tomorrow morning (Jan. 17th).

Wish us luck and good weather!!