The trek to low camp


Another big day for the True Patriot Love team! We reached Low Camp or Camp one today at around 7:00 pm and it was a really amazing trip! Our morning started early at base camp with the usual morning events, coffee, breakfast, some banter about the day to come… We had to make a decision at around 11 if we would go for the big move or not, due to the questions around what the weather would do, with possible strong winds up around the corner!

We chose to go for it, and the team had been packing all morning in the event it was a go, so they did a great job at packing down the tents and were ready to rock out right on time! We are sure glad we left since it turned out to be a really good day to move, with marginal winds and warm temperatures created by the overcast condition which traps warmth.

It took the team just under 7 hours to reach camp one. We promptly got to all the busy work of setting up 16 tents, and once again a gang of soldiers headed up by Meagan got one of the cooking mids dug out. It turned into a late night just with the volume of water and food to make. We have a couple sore bodies for sure and just a few folks feeling a bit worked but we plan to take a rest day tomorrow and enjoy some down time and photos! Some of the guides will likely do a carry up to high camp to get some gear moving up and help with the following days carry. More tomorrow wish us luck!