What this Olympian Sees as her TRUE Win


When Heather Moyse started taking sports seriously in September 2005, she had never lifted weights before. Soon enough, she was pushing the bobsled in selection races to qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

At this time, her sister sent her a card reading, “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” With this card, her motto was formed and remains to this day:

Believe in the possibilities.

The possibilities for Heather have been seemingly endless. Since that critical shift in perspective in September 2005, Heather Moyse has competed in three Olympic Games (2006 in Turin, 2010 in Vancouver, and 2014 in Sochi) and earned two gold medals in bobsleigh in the process.

In the year following her first Olympic Games, Heather completed her master’s degree in occupational therapy. For many, that would be enough, but Heather has also spent the time between Olympic Games competing internationally in rugby, leading in scoring at the 2006 and 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cups.

Rugby isn’t simply a way to stay in shape; Heather competes at the elite level and is the only Canadian female in the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

When a serious ankle injury sidelined her in 2011, Heather took up cycling as part of her rehabilitation. Again, she saw the possibilities and went on to compete in the 2012 Pan-American Cycling Championships in Argentina, making her a three-sport elite athlete.

In addition to all of her accomplishments in sports, Heather has developed herself as a speaker and author, and the John Maxwell Team has helped her explore the possibilities of taking these skills to the highest level.

Heather was introduced to the Team by John Maxwell himself when she opened up for him at each phase of a three-part speaking event in eastern Canada. “He offered to mentor me based on how well I connected to my three very different audiences,” Heather says. “We have since become friends, and I have a lot of respect for who he is and the impact he has on the world.”

Since becoming certified with the John Maxwell Team, her increased exposure to John and his team has, in Heather’s words, “given me greater clarity in building my brand and influence. John gave me the push to write my book, and being closer to his Team has helped with my messaging and how to tell my story.”

Heather’s first book, Redefining Realistic, is set to release in December.

As if a successful speaking career and upcoming book release weren’t enough, Heather is currently back on the bobsled track, training and competing to qualify for a spot at the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

Her motivation, however, might surprise you.

Heather says, “I have never really been driven to compete by the outcome of medals or awards, but by the challenge itself. And now, my life/business is about empowering other people to discover, for themselves, what they are truly capable of. So my very recent return to the sport of bobsledding for this Olympic season (only five months out from the Games) is not motivated by the idea of competing in a fourth Olympic Games and potentially winning a third Olympic medal, but is motivated by the idea of helping a rookie driver potentially win her first.”

This feeling of helping someone else see the possibilities before them and have that a-ha moment is what Heather Moyse truly associates with winning. Now, that’s JMT-DNA!

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